Our Products and Services

While Beautiifash is progressing & growing as a designing company for both men and women, it offers an extended helping hand to other companies as well. Beautiifash not only wants to spread a message of individuality, but also a message of making things possible. Beautiifash believes that with success it doesn`t mean anything if you aren`t giving back. In addition to designing and supplying premade/custom handbags, Beautiifash offers services in patternmaking/sample sewing, and in clothing graphic design.

Premade or Custom Handbags:


Individuality goes all the way down to the last detail of an outfit we wear every day, for both male and female. Beautiifash is growing in popularity with its signature handbag pieces. Each client has the opportunity to choose from an array of premade handbags. That varies in body, color, and design. However, for that special client who craves a handbag of their own personal style and flavor – custom one-of-a-kind handbags are available for purchase as well. You are able to design every aspect of your bag all the way down to the color of the threading. In turn, this bag will not be duplicated for anyone else, but YOU! Beautiifash is dedicated to keeping each individual client satisfied.

Pattern Making / Sample Sewing:


With Beautiifash being a small upcoming company, they understand the difficulty of sometimes finding the resources to help take your company off the ground – let alone take your company to the next level. Beautiifash has skilled training in producing clothing patterns, and sewing samples of that garment. Most times an upcoming clothing line will only be producing samples of a line, rather than mass producing it from the get go. So Beautiifash is able to provide this service at a great price, that you won`t find most other places. Conducting sample orders from as small as one sample to twenty samples. However, you may be a client who doesn`t have their own line, and just wants a special piece made custom for you. You can also purchase for special events; birthdays, weddings, proms, etc. That option is available too as well. Most times orders can be arranged to satisfy each individual client’s needs. A consultation can be arranged and further details will be explained at that time.

Graphic Design Service:


There are many pieces that are put in place to bring a line together, and the graphics is one of them. The most popular choice of design, amongst a few others, is a garment with a graphic on it. It`s easy to create but as intricate in design as a pair of denim jeans. Beautiifash provides services in creating graphics that you may want placed on that special tee, sweater, or dress. You may have the eye of knowing what you want the graphic to look like, but can`t bring it to life on the screen. Or you may just want someone to take concepts you have in mind and create the image for you. Both concepts are able to be accomplished, which ever path you desire to take. A consultation can be arranged and further details will be explained at that time.