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Tough Times…

“Faith gives us the understanding which leads to our break through during tough times”

Having a business can really test your strengths and weaknesses as an individual, if not bring out the best in you. There is that one moment in time that can determine the destiny of your career, good or bad. That idea sometimes scares me. Because I`ve come to realize when you put so much work into something you love, you don`t want to see it fail.
My business has been in the fore front for the past 9 months, and this is the most work i`ve ever put into it. I know that every step I take can either be great or detrimental to the growth of my company. My company failing is the last thing I want to see happen. As money draws tight, business is slowing down a bit, and things just aren`t coming as I want them to, I slowly begin to feel my hope dwindling. I`m looking at the way things are going in the natural realm and it`s looking crazy. I run my business full time, no other income- so now that things aren`t flowing they way I need them to be I start to panic. Empty pockets can make a person go crazy! Especially when you don`t like to depend on others. Things aren`t looking so good. I need other alternatives.
The dark hour is upon me. I have come to realize that this may be my point of break through. This may be that test that we all get to see what our faith level is. Being human, it is hard to come to a point to step aside and TRUST that God is going to do what he says he will do. ‘Never leave you, nor forsake you’. But how can we let him prove himself as Omega, the almighty in our life if we don`t take that leap of faith. I struggle to do so, and I know this- but I don`t want that to get in the way of my prosperity. So I feel it`s that time to let God take the reigns. I am scared - but I know he knows the best for me.
They say that when things get the toughest, that`s when the best in you shows through. Because it will cause things to happen inside of you that will exude out of you. Things you didn`t know you had. But that`s why you always hear people say, ‘If I hadn`t went through this I would have never known that I was capable of doing this…’ It is so simple- but so true. I have come to a point where I am not going to let the enemy steer me to a path that I am not supposed to be taking. I have to keep my eye on the prize, or how else will I win? You can never get where you are going if you are letting distractions waiver you from your predestined greatness. It`s time to put my faith to work, because as the bible says, “faith without works is dead”
“Don`t let your tough time get the best of you, get the best out of the tough time”

Getting Personal pt.1

Sometimes I wonder how far I would be in my career if I would have eliminated the guys who came along and distracted me from my path. When the enemy knows your weakness, he will continue to always put those temptations in your path. You may not realize it at the time of occurance, but you will in your time of reflection. You will never come to realize your weaknesses until you sit back and analyze yourself thouroughly & TRUTHFULLY.
We will always come up with some excuse as to why we do the things we do, why we act the way we act amongst other things. However, in the end that`s all they are - excuses. They never amount up to anything but a figmented image we try to portray as our truth. When you can be truthful to yourself- then I believe that you can be truthful to others. But on a greater level when you can open up and be truthful with GOD, you can`t help but be truthful to then yourself & other people.
Many times the lies that we try to create as truths become our greatest enemy. More times then any WE are the ones in a fight with ourself; we are our own worst enemy. Because in the end it is US who determine the outcome of our life. So you can either stay in your own way, or move over. A choice that is said so plainly and simple - but I bet you people won`t catch it and make the change.
So, I`ve been on this pursuit of happiness. Trying to find that comfortable balance between my personal life and my business life. Something that I`ve found to take time, patience, and above all God`s unchanging hand. It`s always funny when you see how much better life can run when you keep God involved. A realization I`ve come to many of times after I try to do things my way. However, after you are proven wrong so many times you finally just come to a point where you give in, and surrender. I`ve waved my white flag - and am trying things differently this final time around.

Personal Life: ‘If you don`t take care of yourself, what good are you to anyone else?’

     When it comes to the end of time, all you have is yourself. The decisions you make determine the life you will live. Ultimately, you have to know how to manage your life. A statement that may seem so simple - but in reality it`s not. You are the ruler of your own mind so you must know how to control it. Otherwise, your mind will be the ruler over you.
     Taking control of my life is the most liberating thing I have ever done. So many times I`ve found myself letting others influence me, which led to wrong decisions being made. You can say it set me back, but there were lessons to be learned indefinitely. I have been taking time out to see that life is all about your perspective. When bad situations come I no longer dwell on the fact that it`s something bad, but instead I try to look at what is the good from it? Which has helped me be able to deal with things that have been happening in my life.

Business Life: ‘If you want something of great value, you have to invest time to get it”

     Nothing will come easy in the world of business. Whether if it means that you have to spend years in school accumulating the education you need to fulfill the position, spending endless nights working on projects, or dealing with unbearable people. It all comes with the territory. You have to know your purpose, be ready to put up a fight (if need be), and be willing to put in time.
     Beautiifash & Co - is my business. Ever since July of 2010 this has been my full time hustle. A business that has been running for almost 3 years now. But, when it came time for me to figure out what my next path was going to be, the only clear answer was that I start putting time into my future. The way I seen it situations panned out the way they did because it was already preordained to happen. Things are working out awesome! I`ve been able to reach more people, linking up with other great networks, and sending out a message that is truly touching people.
     I`ve had more people telling me how they`ve been keeping up with my blog (me not even knowing) and how what I have said, or what I am doing is awesome and inspiring to them; or that they have gotten a word that is helping them. To hear that, is such a blessing. My business is my life, and to know that my vision, my words, and my work are making a difference in peoples lives makes all the ‘time’ I put into this company worth it!


Do you know my company … Beautiifash & Co

I am Jeantel Torrence owner of Beautiifash & Co. I hail from Rancho Cucamonga California, and am an alumni graduate from The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM). Even though I only twenty-three, I am on a mission to change the fashion world greatly. My company holds heavy influences of positivity, creativity, and a vision to make a difference not only through my product, but through my company - my brand. Some may only know my company for its products, but what many don`t know is that I want my brand to extend past just that. As I try to strive and live my life right, I know that my talent supersedes just to be a benefit to myself, but that it is for the people I am trying to touch. I believe strongly that if I can use my brand to spread positivity, hope, and love that great results will follow.
“I don`t do this for me, I do this for that little girl – that little boy who is like me. Just trying to be accepted, just trying to be successful, and just trying to make a positive influence. I grew up being made fun of because of my originality and I want to encourage those who are going through the same. You can do it if you trust in God, embrace your individuality, and always remember that what you go through is for a greater purpose. To be a light of guidance to those who are going through the same thing you went through, and made it out of. I made it – and I’m here to spread a message. If I can make some kind of difference in one person’s life I feel I’ve succeeded. However, I strive to make a difference in millions, billions, even trillions because I have a purpose. That purpose is to show people that God is the only reason I have made it to where I am, and do what I do. We all have our stories – and he has played a major role in mine. I am not ashamed to say. So I’m here – are you ready for me?”
“He comes alongside us when we go through hard times, and before you know it, he brings us alongside someone else who is going through hard times so that we can be there for that person just as God was there for us.” (2 Corinthians 1:4 *message bible*)
Often times when your on a path of greatness, there will be a lot of obstacles to over come to make it to your destination. It`s never going to be an easy road to follow. You will always have the people around you who you feel should be  avid supporters - aren`t. You will be discouraged to believe that you can make it big, and be successful. You are going to feel like you just want to give up on hard work and patience to get to success the quick way. But I believe that those things that come quick - leave quick. However, if you can persevere through adversity then the reward of your accomplishments will be that much greater. Those same dreams that seem impossible to reach - You WILL reach them. At the same time, it will be encouragement to someone else who is trying to do the same.

As of lately, i`ve found myself becoming discouraged. Situations that are going on in my life right now, is making my dream seem to fall farther and farther away from grasp. Sometimes it almost seems pointless to keep going. It`s hard when you hear so many people say “anything is possible, just follow your dreams - and you will achieve”. However, it`s not until you find out how much work is required to get to those dreams that sometimes makes you fall away from those dreams. Settling for that regular 9-5 just to get a paycheck to survive. Disappearing into the crowd of billions. That`s when having your support group, and people who are striving for the same goal as you is important to have. I`ve found that the more I find people who are wanting to get to the same place as me, it keeps me going. I may be running my business alone, but that doesn`t mean I have to try and make it alone. Some of the people that I am surrounded by who have their own clothing line, business, or are just living out their dreams as we speak truly inspire me. I have told some, but not all. I watch by silently and gravitate towards their energy. Because if you`re surrounded by positivity you are bound to have positive outcomes. However, if you`re surrounded by negativity you are bound to have negative outcomes.

It`s always at the times when you feel at your lowest that you have to push through. Don`t fall into the trap and lies of those who are “hating”. H.A.T.E.R.S = Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success. You will have those who don`t want anything for you, but to be miserable just like them. That`s why its important to protect your blessings from those who just want to bring you down. It doesn`t include just strangers, but it`s even those who are closest to you; family & friends. The best thing you can do to the haters in encourage them in something. Most times I feel like haters have a dream, but they are lacking support, encouragement, and positivity. As we look for someone to be those things for us, we should try to be those things to someone else.


I`m doing this for the little girl who is like me …


When  I look back over the past years of my life it`s so amazing to see how far I`ve come. I remember when I was a young girl just trying to fit in with the cool kids, now I am trying to stand apart. With every success there is a story. No one can say they don`t have a story as to why they got where they are currently. Even though we go through moments, trials, and tests that we wish we never had to go through - in the end it all has a purpose. There are better decisions I wish I would have made, people I could have done with out, and one single regret in my past. However, if I were to change one thing in my past, I am sure it would effect my present and where I would be at right now.

Because today was my first glimpse of what I will be doing for the rest of my life. I have never been more driven to get my company up and running then I am right now. To have people who are in my corner and truly believe in me, my craft, and what I do is amazing. It makes be feel like I can truly do this. God has really taken me through some tests in this past year and I am trying to do my best to pass them. Because I know I have failed and gone through a few of the same test numerous times. You can`t make progress until you make the change you need to get there.

But today was the first photo shoot of many more to come that I styled with some accessories. These were pure promotional head shots so there needed to be some added glamour of some sort to the shot. So I ended up using some of my own shades, along with some hand crafted studs I made myself. it`s always reassuring to have people that love my product and what i create. Sometimes it is hard to stay true to yourself when your goal is to appeal to the masses! However, I always have to remember who i`m doing this for and why. I`m doing this for the girl who has difficulty trying to fit in, i`m doing this for the girl who sometimes wasn`t confident enough in herself to know she is something special, i`m doing this for the girl who is like me! In most cases all women can relate to this girl. Nobody can say their life was perfect or that they had everything about themselves in tact. Whether is be physically, mentally, emotionally, maybe even spiritually. So today felt like the biggest step in the world today. Because I felt like I was on the way to showing that little girl who may be watching me that its ok to not fit in. God made us the way we were for a reason. Take it and embrace it! Because you never know when that time might come that you will have little girls looking up to you.
Today was honestly a great day! and it`s all because of Him, my Heavenly Father :)